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Sensory Surround

You learn the target language in a designed environment so that you can seize every opportunity to practice the language studied and communicate both inside and outside the school in the language learned according to your acquired .


No matter what level you are in the language you are learning, the programs offered by our school, combined with your real desire to learn and your motivation, guarantee you strong and lasting language skills.


Based on the interaction between students and teachers, our playful, effective and rewarding teaching technique encourages the learner to naturally develop his or her oral and written skills.


Throughout your stay ALC you are guided by competent and experienced teachers whose mission is your success. All our teachers are university educators and mother tongue.

Dynamic team

From administrative staff to teachers, all will work to make your stay ALC a real success by offering you adequate and individual support according to your personal goals.

A "plus" on your resume

Intensive coursesALC prepare for the TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, IELTS, TFI, TEF and TEFaQ official exams recognized for entry to the university and by many international public companies and institutions in the recruitment of staff.


We regularly incorporate new themes into our courses so that your learning stays relevant to the real world.


You choose the dates and the length of your stay as well as the program adapted to your objectives according to your availability.


ALC offers you all the help you need with regard to registration formalities and registration for official exams for your entrance to the university or any other institute of higher or professional education.

Free courses

Every month you can improve by practising phonetics, familiar language, and role playing in new situations in addition to the courses you are enrolled in.

Language laboratory

Based on an average of 5 hours per week, the interactive program offered by ALC is an excellent complementary tool to learning the language because it allows you to quickly improve vocabulary memorization and your pronunciation. Offered in French, English, Spanish and Mandarin.

Rich and varied programs

No matter why you want or need to learn a language, university, professional studies, business promotion, stay abroad, ALC offers programs tailored to your goals.

Excellent value :

ALC is committed to offering local and international clients quality courses at a preferential price. At ALC, it's your learning that you need to focus on.

In short, choosing ALC means choosing experienced professionals.