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Un linguistic coffee is a polyglot meeting where you practice languages ​​between foreigners. It allows you to quickly make new friends and talk with broken natives outside of class. The more we talk, the better we talk and the better we pronounce! so do not hesitate: Come talk with the ALC team.

What is Linguistic coffee ?

  • It is a language exchange area, where you can practice English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and this in an informal and relaxed way. It's a real conversation workshops which allows you to practice all the foreign languages ​​that interest you by practicing what you have learned in class.

Why participate in a linguistic coffee :

  • The practice of a foreign language is essential for the acquisition of a second language. It is very important to be able to speak with native speakers. Ideal for all those who do not dare or who dare, but want to talk even more!
  • The exchange with native foreigners, non-professors, brings you vocabulary, fluency, a better ear: all aspects of intercultural communication, which are learned only through contact with native speakers and which are essential to be truly comfortable in language that is not your mother tongue.

How it works un Linguistic coffee:

When ?: twice a month

Or ? ALC Cafeteria

Who is the language café aimed at? To all students enrolled in CLA courses. : Free language coffee and included in their course package.

To all who wish to make language meetings with people from all countries and all cultures: 20 $ per month for two meetings.

Who does what ?

A teacher ofALC directs the Linguistic Café. It integrates a program of games and conversation targeted according to the number of people registered and adapted to all the levels.