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Standard and specific language

Course: ESL English

À ALCyou will learnInternational English with native teachers. The teachers of ALC prepare you to face any professional interview or be able to answer any questions you may have about why you choose to study at Mc Gill, Oxford or Stanford.

In fact, while the many English-speaking regions around the world possess their linguistic peculiarities, it is certain that English-speaking Quebec is influenced as much by the American as by the English of Great Britain.

Many of the students who have had experience agree that English spoken by "at home" is not a question of vocabulary because it is exactly the same, but more a way of arranging the words. in the sentence. As for the accent, the majority of learners are unanimous, Canadian English is more articulate and less "eaten" than in the United States.

Depending on the opportunity you have to talk with a person from Newfoundland or Vancouver, you will of course find some words specific to their cultural environment, but that does not worry you because it will not be difficult for you to understand. difference between "night and nite" or "realize and realize" then even before arriving in Montreal, be in tune and know that here the warm Canadian will ask you if you do not have a "toonie" (piece of two dollars) to buy a "pop" (soft drink) and he will be happy to explain that his son is a "timbit" (a young player) and that he plays soccer (football) with his team in the park. district. A living language, by definition, lives and evolves, and English is the proof par excellence.

That is why ALC offers free optional courses to students enrolled in regular programs so that they can, if they wish, supplement their knowledge according to their language goal.

À ALCyou can take courses in ESL English at the rate of 30, 25 or 15 hours a week from Monday to Friday all year round without interruption and complete the 6 offered levels by our academy in the space of 48 weeks.

In addition, for people who work in the day ALC offers evening classes at 6 hours per week.

Combine standard courses with specific courses by choosing the Intensive PLUS program.

This course will give you the opportunity to quickly improve your basic knowledge and to address specific language areas at the same time.

At ALC montréal, every English course program guarantees fast and effective learning.

As specialists in teaching English, we know that the methodology is the key to your success so we can guarantee that you will reach the level of English depending on the duration of your course registration. English in our academy. Our teachers are engaged with you to guide you and assist you in your learning work necessary for your success.

We also know that by registering for our academy, you are totally motivated to succeed. In fact, thanks to our approach and method, our success rate is one of the highest on the market, which is why ALC offers you a GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS.

Individual English Course at ALC Montreal is the English course par excellence adapted to your needs for a total immersion in Montreal

If you have little time or if you want to focus more intensively on your English language learning, ALC offers you individual English lessons with a teacher who has prepared a course curriculum tailored to your needs. personal goals.

English language course specific and professional

The purpose of these courses is to develop your vocabulary knowledge related to the professional sector in which you work and / or study or are about to do so.

This program is offered in
Intensive course Individual course

Work in English

Intensive or part-time English course - Preparation and / or passing of the TOEIC

Study in English

Intensive or semi-intensive English course - Preparation and / or passing of the TOEFL iBT


Intensive, semi-intensive or conversation English courses - Preparation and / or passing of IELTS