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You are in a resourceful style, not wanting to be forced to do anything, in this case, the residence formula is what you need. Live a great experience in Montreal and enjoy your stay while being independent.

What are the differences?

The price and location may vary from one residence to another. All these residences have in common:

  • The distance of our maximum academy 30 minutes by public transport
  • Cleanliness and comfort
  • Access to the bathroom - use of the kitchen and the possibility of washing

It is obvious that the cheaper residences leave quickly so even if we give you a deadline of 8 weeks, we can not guarantee that you will have a place in the residence of your choice. The faster you reserve, the more chance you have to pay less. First come, first served!

1 Residence - 2 Residence

All three are located at 30 minutes from our academy in a residential area. Many students book 6 months in advance excellent value for money. A good deal!

Single Room - Shared kitchen - Shared bathroom - Laundry service possible. Starting from 190CAD $ / week.

For these three residences, ALC montreal will reserve the room for you. Please use our registration form so that we can start the process as soon as possible.

There are other residences that we can recommend to our students, but they are not mentioned on our registration form. If you wish to stay in one of these residences, we will send you the necessary information about them after confirmation of your registration to our academy.