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Exam preparation

At ALC, prepare your exams!

Whether you are learning English, French or Spanish, you can prepare for our International Language Test Academy either to receive a certification, to enter a university or other institution, or to boost your CV and promote your language skills in the professional world.

French language exams


Quebec Office of the French Language

Who should pass the OQLF exam? Professionals ! Doctors - Lawyers - Veterinary Pharmacy - Accountants and others. Professional orders may issue licenses only to persons having an official language that is appropriate to the practice of their profession. (Charter of the French language, art 35) This is why this examination must be prepared in a way adapted to the respective professional sector of each one.

Preparatory courses

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International French Test

The TFI (Test International de Français) is for non-francophone people wishing to have their level of French certified. Like the TOEIC for the English language, the TFI focuses on everyday French as well as the world of work. This is one of the reasons why some universities or institutions require it for their admissions.

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French knowledge test

The TEF (Test of Knowledge of French) is a general test of French recognized internationally whose objective, unlike the TFI which focuses on the professional and everyday world, is to evaluate the general level based on all language skills. It is therefore often sought by universities and other institutions.

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French assessment test in Quebec

TEFaQ is a Quebec-adapted version of TEF (French Assessment Test). This is the test required by the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities of Quebec for people wishing to emigrate to Quebec. Concentrated on understanding and speaking, this test is mainly oriented towards the world of work.

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French qualification test

This is a written French qualification test developed to measure the quality of written French of candidates for a teaching job within a school board. This test is now recognized in many school boards in Quebec. It consists of two parts: a writing and a questionnaire on grammar and spelling.

Preparatory courses

Certification test in written French for teaching

The French Language Certification for Teaching (TECFEE) is divided into two parts. The first includes the writing of a text of 350 words and the other, about sixty multiple choice questions on spelling, syntax, punctuation and vocabulary.

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English language exams

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Test of english as a foreign language

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) iBT (Internet Based Testing) is the test required by American and Canadian universities as well as many other institutions for non-English speaking students making it one of the English tests. the most popular in the world. It aims to assess the language skills of the student in a university context but it should be noted that many companies are turning to this test to know the language skills of its future employees.

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Test of english for international communication

The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), unlike the TOEFL which aims to measure the aptitude to integrate into an academic world, has been designed for the business world, that is to say companies more globally. Large companies require it to compete by hiring people with the language skills related to their job. Many government agencies also request the TOEIC certificate. Some universities rely on the TOEIC according to the chosen courses.

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International english language testing system

If US universities turn to the TOEFL for entrance exams at the university, European universities, they or other institutions, prefer to apply for the International English Language Testing System which focuses on "international" English, it's to say British, American, Australian etc. But the IELTS is also the English test asked in the file of those who wish to immigrate to an English-speaking country, especially in Canada.

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Spanish language exams

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Diploma of Spanish in a foreign language

Delivered by the Cervantes Institute, the DELE (Spanish Diploma in Foreign Language) is internationally recognized and therefore allows you to receive a worldwide certification of your mastery of the language above all for those who wish to work or study in a country where we speak Spanish. This is the only test for non-Spanish speakers certified by the Spanish government.

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