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IELTS Test Preparation at ALC Montreal

For people wishing to immigrate to Canada, the IELTS General Training is requested in the file for newcomers. That's why you can get acquainted with IELTS in our Academy by attending 4 weeks of IELTS preparation courses at ALC Montreal. You will learn to master the knowledge required for the exam, to approach your exam in a strategic way, to maintain a certain pace and to manage your stress thanks to a teaching given by specialists and mother tongue, in-depth pedagogical tools, a language lab center, an assessment of your progress and exam simulations.

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The General Training focuses on the knowledge of everyday life, particularly in a context of society and work. The four language skills, speaking, listening, writing and reading are evaluated. Oral expression lasts between 11 and 14 minutes and includes a discussion of a specific topic as well as a conversation of everyday life. Oral comprehension focuses mainly on conversations or monologues of everyday life and lasts about 30 minutes. In the written expression, you will have to write a letter of a daily situation as well as an argument to a problem posed during 60 minutes. Written comprehension also lasts 60 minutes and covers texts of everyday life (advertisements, advertisements, etc.), texts of professional life (job offers, conditions and payments in companies, etc.) as well as a slightly more complex text of general interest. All documents are authentic.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or International English Language Assessment System, is an international English (mainly British and American) test run by the University of Cambridge. The majority of universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa accept it as an alternative to the TOEFL for admissions thus becoming the most popular English test.

IELTS class

IELTS Test Preparation at ALC Montreal

Bet on professionals, when your future depends on your success !!!

Le preparation course au IELTS from ALC Montreal (Quebec)With specialist teaching, in-depth teaching tools, a language lab center and an assessment of your progress, you can make real progress and a solid foundation. ALC Montréal's native language teachers will teach you how to master the knowledge required for the exam, how to approach your exam in a strategic way, how to maintain a certain pace and how to manage your stress.

Training tests

In addition to our group classes and private lessons, students from ALC Montreal have access to exam simulations. You have access to many exercises with the required IELTS skills and several blank exams ... so that the day of your true IELTS you are on familiar ground.

The program IELTS preparation ALC Montreal (Quebec) will give you the tools and confidence you will need on the day of the real test to reach the score you need to achieve depending on what the university or institution requires.

ALC Montreal offers 2 IELTS preparation options according to your needs and possibilities.

Costs: 615 $ including teaching material + ($ 55.00 registration fee for a local student)

A minimum of 3 students is required to start the session.

  • 36 hours of academic courses
  • Blank test tests in addition to academic courses
  • Duration per session: 4 weeks
  • Educational Support: Barron's
  • Evening session: 18.10 to 21.00 Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
  • Day session: 15.10 to 18.00 Tuesdays - Wednesday - Thursday
  • Laboratory training up to 6H / week according to a personal planning of the student
  • Starting dates: 1er Tuesday of each month, except December and January

Note: ALC reserves the right to change course schedules according to registrations.

ALC reserves the right to reduce the price to 50% of the expected time in case of less than 3 participants so as not to cancel the session.

In this case, the course becomes a private or semi - private course at the same price as a group course.

For a tailor-made preparation

• 1 to 5 classes per week
• 2 hours of class / class
• Timetables according to your availability between 8.30 and 21.00

Costs: See private lessons

Warning: Your ESL English level is important, you must pass an assessment test before we can confirm your registration in the IELTS preparation course.

Cost of the screening test: 25 $ (this amount will be deducted from the registration fees if you register in our academy) This evaluation test is only free for students who register at our academy and is deductible from the registration fees. the record.

Note: ALC reserves the right to change course schedules according to registrations.