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tecfee preparation

Preparation for TECFÉE at ALC Montreal

Certification tests in written French for teaching

The French Certification Test for Teaching (TECFÉE) is a required test for teacher education programs.

Being a holder of TECFÉE is a prerequisite for pursuing studies in all teacher training programs at Quebec's French-language universities to obtain a teaching certificate. The purpose of this test is "to ensure the quality of the written language used by candidates for teaching" (extract from the TECFÉE Preparation Guide, CÉFRANC).

Register for the program

Preparation for TECFÉE

Bet on professionals, when your future depends on your success !!!

The preparation course at TECFÉE ALC Montreal, will address both parts of the test, the quiz portion and the essay portion with specialist education, through in-depth educational tools and effective revision strategies. An evaluation of your progress and exam simulations guarantees real progress.

The teachers ofALC Montreal You will learn to master the required knowledge, to approach your exam in a strategic way, to maintain a certain pace and to manage your stress.

Your previous level in written French is important, you must pass a specific assessment test before we can confirm your registration in the TECFEE preparation course.

Both parties must be successful to meet the written French requirement for teacher education programs. For each of the two tests, the pass mark is set at 70% in all programs, except for the BEALS and BA in vocational and technical education, where the pass mark is 55 %.

It is therefore essential that you are well trained to focus on the essentials: the right answers.

That's why ALC Montréal offers you a winning program to ensure success and rapid progress regardless of your professional sector

Formula in group course: 36 hours of academic courses

Course description

3 to 5 students / class

Guaranteed intensive learning and individual monitoring and adapted coaching.

18 H group academic courses

Guaranteed to be ready to write correctly and according to the criteria of TECFEE, the writing of 350 words - Lexical spelling and grammatical - development of syntax and grammar - revision of punctuation

18 H group academic courses

Guaranteed to pass the test of the linguistic code with success - training to quickly identify a rule - strategic vocabulary review and word definition recognition - ability to identify a faulty element in the sentence

1 to 3 full test (s)

Guarantee that you will pass the TECFÉE by obtaining the required score based on your real skills

Formula in private classes

For a personalized preparation according to your needs and availabilities

  • 1 to 5 classes per week
  • 2 class / class hours
  • Timetables according to your availability between 8: 30 and 21: 00

Costs: See private lessons

Warning: Your previous level in written French is important, you must pass an assessment test before we can confirm your registration in preparation course at TECFEE

Cost of the screening test

25 $ (this amount will be deducted from the registration fees if you register in our academy) This evaluation test is only free for students who register at our academy and is deductible from the registration fees. the record.

Sample questions

Here are some examples that may give you a clearer idea of ​​what to expect when you pass the TECFEE

Examples of essential points seen in progress in order to ensure you achieve the TECFÉE

The vocabulary used must be precise and varied, so avoid:

- assortment (and not matched)

- chance (and not hazard)

>> Plural

- "high-ranking people" (top does not take "s")

- smocks (and no seals)

- tires (and not tires)

- digression: move away from the subject

- metamorphose: change completely

- after: after

- without drums or trumpets: discreetly

- stay the course: keep the same direction

- take the bull by the horns: face the difficulties

- focus on something (not "emphasize")

- a letter of recommendation (and not a "letter of reference")